Amazing song covers

Bruce Springsteen, during one of his latest concert, played Lorde Royals’ cover. He did it with incredible naturalness, leaving people in front of the monitors (and lucky eyewitnesses) to want all the covers in the world to be as successful. The good news is that there are some of them: below you find five that are worth listening to on the best covers Youtube channel.

Royals – Bruce Springsteen sings Lorde

Here it is. Inexplicably perfect, it seems like a piece that the Boss has been carrying around for years; because he sings it as if he belonged to him.

Satellite of Love – Morrissey sings Lou Reed

From the meeting of two “music giants”, which is, first of all, a tribute to the recently disappeared Lou Reed, a moving cover is coming out. Not just for Morrissey fans.

Ready to Start – Tears for Fears song Arcade Fire

Tears for Fears take one of the most rock songs of The Suburbs and turn it into a lush triumph of electronics and bows.

Age of Consent – Built to Spill song New Order

Quite spectacular: Built to Spill make the audience crazy with this cover.

Once Upon a Dream – Lana del Rey sings The Sleeping Beauty

Do you remember the romantic song sung by Aurora in Disney’s The Sleeping Beauty, when she meets the prince? Lana del Rey plays the soundtrack in quite a sublime manner.