Best Acoustic Covers on YouTube

Choosing the best acoustic covers on Youtube is not easy as there are lots of songs and even more singers. In this chart we have chosen 10 of the best Youtube acoustic covers of popular songs, ideal for those who already like the originals and would like to hear some new – but always appealing – version.
Here is our acoustic cover songs list.

10. Everybody Hurts – R.E.M. (Cover By Jasmine Thompson)

Great voice the one of Jasmine Thompson. Is not that easy to sing a song live Everybody Hurts being able to keep the same feeling and emotions of the original. Jasmine did it!

9. Say Something (Cover by Dan Henig and Olivia Millerschin)

Dan Henig and Olivia Millerschin made a great duo to cover Say Something by Cristina Aguilera.

8. Beyoncé – Halo (Julia Westlin)

Julia Westlin is well known to Youtube users due to the fact she covered various famous songs (Brian Adams, Julia Michales, and Beyoncé are just three names among others). Julia version of Halo is a good job, one of the best out there.

7. Adele-Hello (cover by Leroy Sanchez)

Not that easy to cover Adele and her Hello, one the most known songs of all the time. Despite that, Leroy did a great job with this acoustic covers on Youtube.

6. U2 – With Or Without You (cover) Julia Westlin

With or Without You is one of the most covered songs ever, so is not that easy to choose one version among the others. Julia version confirms to be one of the greatest best acoustic cover artists.

5. Nothing Compares To You – Natalie Lungley (Cover)

Nothing Compares to You by Natalie Lungley is one of the best interpretation of this song originally performed by Prince.

4. Cigarettes After Sex – Apocalypse

An intimate cover for this indie classic by Cigarettes After Sex

3. Metallica – Nothing Else Matters.

One of the best acoustic covers 2017, Lucie Silvas made an excellent interpretation of this song.

2. Let it Be (Beatles cover)

Cover of the one of the most famous Beatles cover, performed by Miloš Karadaglić and Gregory Porter. Two amazing voices for one of the best songs ever.

1. Tears 4 Fears – Mad World

Cover by ortoPilot of this song, one the song most covered ever. Great interpretation by ortoPilot, British singer songwriter and Youtube cover artist.