Best Cover songs of 2017

In the terminology in the popular music (mostly pop and rock), a cover is the reinterpretation of a piece of music, different from others interpreted and published previously, made by someone who is not the original interpreter.

Nowadays the term cover is used to indicate the reinterpretation of relatively recent songs and is often used to intend a singer or an entire band who is engaged in the reinterpretation itself.

For other musical genres (such as classical music) performing the same composition by different interpreters is the rule, so there is no corresponding term. For the jazz genre (and only for it) the term cover is used to define the theme of a well-known song and is used by musicians as a basis for variations and improvisations.

New cover songs for 2017

5. Attention – J.Fla

Good cover of Attention by Charlie Puth, nice voice and good interpretation.

4. Simphony – Jason Chen and Samantha Harvey

This cover has been magistrally interpretated by Jason Chen and Samantha Harvey. Great location in LA.

3. Grant Gustin | Running Home to You | Anthony Lazaro Cover

2. Ed Sheeran – Galway Girl | Cover

According to Galway Girl, this is one of the best songs off of Ed’s Album, also one of the most requested ever.

1. DRAKE – Passionfruit (Cover by Leroy Sanchez & Will Gittens)

This cover of Passionfruit has been made by the duo Leroy and Will, good interpretation of a Drake song.