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Everyone’s crazy about Anitta’s Downtown

It’s becoming a viral phenomenon: the new single of Brazilian pop star Anitta is taking the web by storm and just landed on the top 2 of Spotify viral playlist. Here’s how Downtown look and sound like

There are lots of covers of Downtown, of course, but what caught our eyes is that also international singers are starting to cover this tune, sometimes challenging the language limits and hazarding some funny sounding spanish words. Here’s an acoustic cover of Anitta’s dowtown by Anthony Lazaro. And it’s only a drop in the ocean 🙂

Top 100 cover songs on YouTube

YouTube is “the” video sharing website, the one where anyone who want to reach great audiences with their videos, publish and share. The Google platform is a fantastic opportunity for anyone, including singers and groups, even if already well known or not.

This is the definitive Top 100 chart of the most popular cover songs on Youtube.

100. Charlie Puth – Attention ( cover by J.Fla ) by JFlaMusic
99. Clean Bandit – Symphony ft. Zara Larsson (Jason Chen x Samantha Harvey) by Samantha Harvey
98. Ed Sheeran – Galway Girl, Cover by Samantha Harvey
97. Drake – Passionfruit (Cover by Leroy Sanchez & Will Gittens) by Leroy Sanchez
96.Scared To Be Lonely – Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover)
95.Shape of You by Ed Sheeran and Mercy by Shawn Mendes | Alex Aiono Cover
94.Clean Bandit – Rockabye ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie by Leroy Sanchez
93.Born to be me – Sam Tsui, Macy Kate, Khs Cover by Kurt Hugo Schneider
92.Rockabye – Clean Bandit | Shirley Setia & Khs Cover ì
91.Drake | The Weeknd Beatbox
90.Enrique Iglesias – Subeme la Radio ft. Descemer Bueno, Zion & Lennox by Conor Maynard
89.Something Just Like This – Chainsmokers & Coldplay | Sam Tsui & Khs Cover by Kurt Hugo Schneider
88.Maroon – Cold ft. Future by Conor Maynard

Best Cover songs of 2017

In the terminology in the popular music (mostly pop and rock), a cover is the reinterpretation of a piece of music, different from others interpreted and published previously, made by someone who is not the original interpreter.

Nowadays the term cover is used to indicate the reinterpretation of relatively recent songs and is often used to intend a singer or an entire band who is engaged in the reinterpretation itself.

For other musical genres (such as classical music) performing the same composition by different interpreters is the rule, so there is no corresponding term. For the jazz genre (and only for it) the term cover is used to define the theme of a well-known song and is used by musicians as a basis for variations and improvisations.

New cover songs for 2017

5. Attention – J.Fla

Good cover of Attention by Charlie Puth, nice voice and good interpretation.

Best Acoustic Covers on YouTube

Choosing the best acoustic covers on Youtube is not easy as there are lots of songs and even more singers. In this chart we have chosen 10 of the best Youtube acoustic covers of popular songs, ideal for those who already like the originals and would like to hear some new – but always appealing – version.
Here is our acoustic cover songs list.

10. Everybody Hurts – R.E.M. (Cover By Jasmine Thompson)

Great voice the one of Jasmine Thompson. Is not that easy to sing a song live Everybody Hurts being able to keep the same feeling and emotions of the original. Jasmine did it!

YouTube Cover Singers to Watch 

Some of the best YouTube covers are embarrassing, others are impressive and memorable. But a cover is not only how well you perform the music; it’s mainly how well you present it. Here are the best Youtube cover singers that have a bit of everything.

James Dalby

Song: “Ignition (Remix)”
Original Artist: R. Kelly

James Dalby version of “Ignition (Remix)” is an enjoyable attempt. Thanks to his acoustic guitar, James gave the song some British flavour. This song is the one that gave the singer great success, consecrating him like one of the best Youtube cover artists.

Songs and cover in different styles

5. Walk This Way – Aerosmith

Covered by Run-D.M.C., although those songs sung in different genres, both of the songs are quite similar. This cover made Run-D.M.C. became popular and gave the rap group a significant exposure.

The top 10 most famous cover songs

10. Despacito – Maxi Espíndola ft. Agustín Bernasconi

More than 1,5 million views for this Despacito cover made by Maxi Espíndola and Agustín Bernasconi. Two singers, one guitar, perfect final result!

Old songs covered by new artists

Some songs are “out of the time”: even if they have been written and produced for the first time some decades ago, still today they are actual.
This also means they are reinterpreted by emerging artists who use the name of the song to try to get well known. At the same time, also well-known artists reinterpret old songs to try to reach a wider broadcast.

The best of that is that sometimes revisited versions are better than original ones: here are our personal top 5.

4. Tsoul, “Take Me To The River” (Al Green)

The Tsoul version of “Take Me To The River” is compelling, warm and spectacular. According to the singer, it’s “a song that combines teenage lust with baptism.” The way they perform it is simply amazing.

Amazing song covers

Bruce Springsteen, during one of his latest concert, played Lorde Royals’ cover. He did it with incredible naturalness, leaving people in front of the monitors (and lucky eyewitnesses) to want all the covers in the world to be as successful. The good news is that there are some of them: below you find five that are worth listening to on the best covers Youtube channel.

Royals – Bruce Springsteen sings Lorde

Here it is. Inexplicably perfect, it seems like a piece that the Boss has been carrying around for years; because he sings it as if he belonged to him.

Satellite of Love – Morrissey sings Lou Reed

From the meeting of two “music giants”, which is, first of all, a tribute to the recently disappeared Lou Reed, a moving cover is coming out. Not just for Morrissey fans.

Ready to Start – Tears for Fears song Arcade Fire

Tears for Fears take one of the most rock songs of The Suburbs and turn it into a lush triumph of electronics and bows.

Age of Consent – Built to Spill song New Order

Quite spectacular: Built to Spill make the audience crazy with this cover.

Once Upon a Dream – Lana del Rey sings The Sleeping Beauty

Do you remember the romantic song sung by Aurora in Disney’s The Sleeping Beauty, when she meets the prince? Lana del Rey plays the soundtrack in quite a sublime manner.