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How to organize a Gig if you’re broke

Planning a gig, but on a really tight budget? No need to panic, since you won’t be the first and you certainly won’t be the last to do it. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to save money without having it affect the end result. Here are five different steps you should take to end up with a gig everyone will enjoy!

Unofficial Soundtrack, best for 2017

It is said that to watch a movie the soundtrack is fundamental. Indeed, the importance of the soundtrack is so much in every type of film: in a horror film it creates the right suspense, in a sentimental film creates the right feelings for spectators, and so on.

In this article we are listing the best unofficial soundtracks not to be missed. Are you ready for the top of the top?



From Stephen King’s masterpiece book, the new version of IT is a spectacle of streaks, plot and soundtrack. For those who love the American author, or the horror movies (or both) or simply appreciated the first version of the film, this second version is not to be missed.

Very interesting is this IT soundtrack (unofficial), sung with master by Anthony Lazaro and very well made from the point of view of video editing.

10 Great ways to promote your music

Understanding how to promote your own music is not easy because today the market is constantly changing. To concretely emerge you must also deal with marketing, communication, image, video, contracts, etc.

In this article, we will try to provide guidelines that can help new artists to navigate in the multitude of aspects of the music market, such as focusing on the most important things.

You must have a very solid and reliable product

Having a good “product”, a great song, is the heart of your artistic activity, and it is important that every detail is in its place. If you are unable to get a professional sound, you will be excluded from the mainstream circuit. So it’s important to engage, study, and improve musically every day.

You are your music

Is essential that your music says a lot about you. So when you promote it, you become the product. If you start seeing things from this perspective, everything changes. If you become the Brand, you can do anything.

Learn how to communicate

Being able to communicate effectively is a dowry, but you can study some methods and significantly improve the impact you have on readers and fans. Being useful and synthetic in your posts or press releases is essential.

Find out your target

The next step is to know who you are referring to. There is nothing worse than talking to the wrong people, those who do not understand you. Find out exactly what your music genre is and find your perfect niche.

Promote your music on your website

Create your website, but remember to keep it updated constantly day after day; otherwise your fans will stop visiting you. If you do not have much to write, such as dates and places of your tour, a good idea may be to create a blog or integrate it with Instagram and Soundcloud.

Use social networks

We all use social media. If you are not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud is as if you did not exist. These tools are indispensable to promote your music. Learning to communicate on these platforms is paramount.

Create viral videos

Creating viral videos is not that easy, but you have to start experimenting. Be yourself, impact with the camera is not easy but starts doing videos being as natural as possible. Use multiple distribution channels: first of all Youtube, but also Vimeo and Facebook.

Digital distribution

Today you can sell your discs and promote your music activity on your own, at a very low cost, through digital distribution platforms. You can easily distribute your works to iTunes, Beatport, Spotify and all other digital stores without having to rely on large networks.


An excellent opportunity to fund your music recordings is crowd funding. The reference platforms are IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. Establish a project release date, evaluate the amount you want to achieve, carefully review the description of your page and make special gifts to those who will fund you. Crowdfunding can help you a lot, especially if you can be innovative.

Look for influencers

On the net, there are bloggers who have a large number of followers. If they were to share a video, they would immediately increase visits to your pages. That’s why it’s important to involve the Influencers in your communication strategy.