Singers favorite cocktails

From the italian De André to Lady Gaga, from Zucchero to Croockers, there are many singers who in their discographies have dedicated at least one verse or a whole song to one of the most known cocktails in the world.

And yes, because good drinking, as good music, is a common language and a Margarita is a Margarita both for people in Rio and for those in Tokyo, here is why songs dedicated to cocktails has such a strong effect on us, as they are close to our everyday life.

Gin is one of the main protagonists of local and international music: from the Rolling Stones “I met a gin soaked, bar-room queen in Memphis”, to Katy Perry, many artists have not been able to resist him.

If typing Negroni on search engines, the first song that comes out is by a certain Eleonora Crupi (italian), which also sing about the cocktail Bloody Mary. The same cocktail has been the hero in one song of the pop queen Lady Gaga.

To Brandy Alexander, John Lennon’s favourite cocktail, the band The River 68’s dedicated an entire piece with the same name, while for the whisky – the absolute protagonist of many pieces – we can have many examples of songs like Whiskey River from Willie Nelson to Whiskey Girl from Toby Keith and Cheap Whiskey from Martina McBride.

This means that many singers all over the world drink cocktails, from the most classic to the most sought-after, without forgetting the bitters (very common in Italy) such as Ramazzotti 1815 or “Del Capo”, up to the classic vodka or rum.

In most cases the combination of singer and cocktail is very strong, and that’s why many of them have dedicated at least one of their songs to a drink.

You drink for fun, to be in company, to drown the sorrows, to forget a love, to stop thinking, to stop the monotony, for a rebellious evening, to disobey the schemes or parents remember to drink only good things and responsibly.