Unofficial Soundtrack, best for 2017

It is said that to watch a movie the soundtrack is fundamental. Indeed, the importance of the soundtrack is so much in every type of film: in a horror film it creates the right suspense, in a sentimental film creates the right feelings for spectators, and so on.

In this article we are listing the best unofficial soundtracks not to be missed. Are you ready for the top of the top?



From Stephen King’s masterpiece book, the new version of IT is a spectacle of streaks, plot and soundtrack. For those who love the American author, or the horror movies (or both) or simply appreciated the first version of the film, this second version is not to be missed.

Very interesting is this IT soundtrack (unofficial), sung with master by Anthony Lazaro and very well made from the point of view of video editing.

Suicide Squad

Unofficial soundtrack of Suicide Squad, one of the best movie of 2016. Sung by NerdOut!, this is a very different project to what the guys usually do. It’s a different style, not for that reason less enjoyable than the original one.

This is the video, a good editing – but not spectacular.

Stranger Things 2

For this very vintage serial we get a very vintage unofficial soundtrack too: on the tracks of Kavinsky and Carpenter, lots of analog synths, arpeggiators and vocoders

Batman vs Superman

Batman and Superman are two superheroes often seen on the same side of the coin, where there are good ones, the one where we often recognize ourselves (or at least, so hopefully). In this Marvel Comics movie, the two are adversaries, and the film that came out is really intense.

Do not miss this unofficial soundtrack, very well done and interesting.

Justice League

Justice League, the league of superheroes born to defend the weakest and defeat the bad guys. The 2017 movie is simply spectacular, it’s always exciting to see Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and other superheroes joining for a common front.

Very nice is also this unofficial soundtrack, sung by Freddy Castaneda.


World War II (like all other wars) was a shame for humanity. In May 1940, Germany advanced to France, trapping allied troops in Dunkirk. Troops were systematically evacuated from the French city’s beach by ship. At the end of this heroic mission, 330,000 French, British, Belgian and Dutch were safely evacuated.

This Dunkirk unofficial soundtrack one of the best for this movie.