YouTube Cover Singers to Watch 

Some of the best YouTube covers are embarrassing, others are impressive and memorable. But a cover is not only how well you perform the music; it’s mainly how well you present it. Here are the best Youtube cover singers that have a bit of everything.

James Dalby

Song: “Ignition (Remix)”
Original Artist: R. Kelly

James Dalby version of “Ignition (Remix)” is an enjoyable attempt. Thanks to his acoustic guitar, James gave the song some British flavour. This song is the one that gave the singer great success, consecrating him like one of the best Youtube cover artists.

Albert Chang

Song: “Gangnam Style”
Original Artist: PSY

Gangnam Style is one of the most viewed videos on YouTube, so lots of covers for it. Albert’s one is delightful: he starts with the mini guitar, then embraced the bass, then again beat-boxing and finally violin. Albert also made some choreography to add some flavor to the song.

Anthony Lazaro

Song: “Twelve Grades of First Day Interviews”

We already talked elsewhere about this channel but here’s a very interesting showcase: this song is not a cover, but an original song written as a music response to a viral video. Wait: what ???

Mike Tompkins

Song: “We Are Young”
Original Artist: fun.

Talent and creative cover singer on Youtube, he can play, sing and producer. The totality of the video is enjoyable, Tompkins did a good job.

Casey Cooper

Song: “Pop Danthology 2012”
Original Artist: Various Artists

Casey made a cover of almost every of the most famous songs you can hear on TV or radio. In this video Cooper confirms to be one of the best males Youtube singers going through eight and a half minutes never missing a beat.